Committee to Elect Daniel Ulysses Lockwood

The issues

Refuse to accept that the problems we face cannot be solved

The most vulnerable among us are suffering every day. For decades, our leaders have chosen to downplay the severity of this suffering, pretending minor tweaks would fix everything.


Our nation has the power and resources to make sweeping changes, but change will not happen unless we demand it.

This is what we demand:



Everyone deserves to breathe clean air and drink clean water. This is not up for debate. This is fundamental.

We must hold corporations accountable for tainting our air and water. Polluted natural resources hurt all of us, especially our children. Prioritize health over profits.

Our planet's future must be protected from short-sighted, selfish actors.

What does this look like?

  • Fully backing the Green New Deal.

  • Strengthening EPA regulations.

  • Immediately cleaning our resources.

  • Fining corporations for their pollution.

  • Rebuilding hazardous infrastructure.

  • Investing in renewable energy research.

  • Developing sustainable cities.

  • Reinforcing vulnerable communities.



Our society is unstable: most Americans do not have enough savings to afford a $1,000 emergency.

No one working 40 hours per week should live in poverty. No parent should have to decide between keeping their job and raising their newborn.

Billionaires should not exist while so many people struggle to get by.

What does this look like?

  • Implementing Medicare for All.

  • Investing in public education.

  • Upholding worker and union rights.

  • Implementing a $15 minimum wage.

  • Preparing for the rise of automation.

  • Vastly improving public transportation.

  • Canceling student loan debt.

  • Developing a Federal jobs guarantee.



This nation claims to value human and civil rights, but its actions at home and overseas speak differently.

If our friends and neighbors fear for their lives while existing near law enforcement, then we are no better than a dictatorship.

Diversity is our strength. We will strongly oppose white nationalism and reverse the racist policies of this Administration.

What does this look like?

  • Combating systemic racism.

  • Defending reproductive rights.

  • Enshrining LGBTQIA+ rights.

  • Ending the War on Drugs.

  • Demilitarizing the police.

  • Abolishing private prisons.

  • Reforming our immigration system.

  • Abolishing ICE.

This is our opportunity to make a resounding impact on this nation.

We know you have strong reasons to believe in these demands—the experiences that shape your convictions are powerful, and the passion you have for a better world is invaluable. Your shared perspective will only improve this campaign.

And this is your campaign. It needs your input. Bring your ideas the table, so we can better reflect your experiences on the national stage.

We are listening.

We stand in solidarity with the Democratic Socialists of America. 

We are refining our platform to truly speak to the needs of the most vulnerable among us. Please check back soon for more details.

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