We have no time to waste

We face an existential crisis that demands urgent action. A brave few representatives are championing solutions that will save us, and they need our help.


This campaign is about all of us—it represents a vision for our future that includes everyone. When we work together and stick to our convictions, we can achieve anything. Will you stand with us?

Our vision

These are the thoughts that define the mindset of our campaign.

The issues

Our platform demands environmental,  economic, and social justice.

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Daniel Ulysses Lockwood

Lockwood, the son of two public school teachers, has lived in this district his entire life. He currently works in Morrisville as a web designer at Etix.

While volunteering for the Bernie 2016 campaign, Lockwood witnessed how much could be accomplished when progressives unite behind a common cause: the involvement of thousands turned a fringe candidate into a frontrunner.


He has spent the last year working with the NC Piedmont Democratic Socialists of America to serve district residents, listen to their experiences, and discuss the assistance they need going forward.

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